Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile function

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a sexual deficiency that is based on the inability of a man to either develop or maintain his erection of his penis while trying to sexually perform. An erection occurs by way of the hydraulic effect of blood going into the penis and then being kept in sponge-like bodies in the penis. Erectile dysfunction is noted if an erection is hard to produce. This problem can be caused by psychological reasons, organic causes or circulatory reasons.

This condition can hit a man suddenly and without warning. Just think of a scenario where a man has always been able to perform sexually; in this scenario, ED is likely the farthest thing from his mind! However, all of a sudden, he begins to notice that he cannot produce an erection. So as unlikely as it seems to him, he is now a victim of ED. It’s almost as if one minute, he was on top of the world, and the next minute, he feels like a prepubescent boy again!

Men who are enduring erectile dysfunction can often feel like they are completely alone, and this is totally understandable when you consider that it is probably way too shameful for most men to talk with others about this problem, thereby increasing the perception that they are all alone in this predicament. However, based upon the erectile dysfunction statistics, men who have this problem are most definitely not alone at all, and, anyway, having ED is still less shameful than if you would have bought a Chia Pet.

Consider the following:
10 percent of all of the world’s population endures this condition, and in the U.S. alone, 30 million men have this issue. Unfortunately for men who are diabetics, they have a greater chance of also developing ED. In fact, 50 percent of all diabetic men end up getting ED usually in less than 10 years after first being diagnosed with it! The chances of ED get higher as men age: For 40-year-old men, the likelihood is 39 percent, but for men over the age of 65, the likelihood is 65 percent.

All of these statistics come from the Minnesota Men’s Health Center.
The symptoms of erectile dysfunction should be quite obvious. This condition is typified by the chronic impossibility of a man to get an erection or to maintain it. ED is analyzed in various ways. For example, if men get erections when they are asleep (when psychological concerns are less present), that seems to indicate that the man’s physical capacity is working just fine.

Erectile dysfunction can be attributed to a wide array of causes. In no particular order, they are drugs, cavernosal disorders, neurogenic disorders, aging, kidney failure, surgery, psychological issues like stress or performance anxiety, illnesses like diabetes and lifestyle mismanagement like smoking.

It may surprise some men, but erectile dysfunction can be treated by home remedies or things they can do themselves. For instance, something as basic as exercise can help erectile dysfunction, especially aerobic exercise like running or jogging. Even something like a purpose-designed, external vacuum pump can help men get an erection. There is usually a compression ring that is used at the same time by fitting it over the penis, in the hopes of maintaining said erection.

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